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Follow Spot 2500

A Followspot for 2500W HMI/MSR lamps with 5° to 13° zoom for long distance use between 30 to 100 mt - Power: 2500W

Electrical (ballast)

  • Standard 230V, 50/60Hz power supply (others available on request)
  • Compact magnetic ballast supplied as standard (flicker-free electronic ballast available on request)
  • Bipolar thermomagnetic safety switch
  • Capacitor for power factor correction
  • Lamp-on and Power-on indicators
  • 2m power supply cable (plug available on request)

Electrical (lantern)

  • Lamp-holder type G 38
  • Silent fan
  • Strain relief cable clamp entry into light housing
  • 2.5 m lantern-to-ballast cable with lockable multi-pole connector


  • Automatic power cut-out by bipolar microswitch on opening the lamp-tray
  • Filter-frame locking system
  • Compliance to CE EN 60598-2-17 standards


  • High luminous output
  • Independent lens system 5° to 13°
  • 18-leaf iris diaphragm with black-out
  • Optical tempered glass internal lens; diameter 150mm
  • Optical glass external lens; diameter 230mm
  • Spherical reflector in 99.99% polished and treated aluminium


  • Die-cast extruded aluminium housing
  • Black optical internal paint to give no light reflection and high temperature resistance
  • Black Epoxy Resin paint
  • Labyrinth ventilation to avoid light spillage


  • B-size gobo holder slots covered by a sliding door to prevent the accessories from falling out and to avoid light spilling
  • Exclusively designed zoom and focusing system with fast locking levers
  • Double sliding door to access lenses for maintenance
  • Lamp-tray hinged to the housing for easy maintenance
  • Access to the lamp by a top door hinged to the housing
  • Special spring-balancing yoke for stand
  • Accessory top covered by door
  • Heat insulated knobs and handles
  • Endless screw system for Peak/Even beam setting
  • Fine adjustment of lamp-to-mirror position
  • Optimum working distance 30 to 100m
  • Built-in hour counter
  • Hot Restrike version


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